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Inside Indonesia: The Energy Challenge

Tulisan ini pertama kali terbit di InsideIndonesia pada 25 Juli 2011, dan ditampilkan kembali di sini dengan izin penulis.

Indonesia is rich in renewable energy but government policies foster reliance on fossil fuels.

Indonesia is Southeast Asia’s largest energy producer and consumer. Its reliance on dirty and subsidised fossil fuels means it has made little progress in terms of renewable energy. Yet Indonesia has enormous renewable energy potential. Energy sources such as geothermal power could readily meet up to 40 per cent of the country’s energy needs.

Unless reversed, Indonesia’s current trends of expanding coal-fired power plants in order to respond to energy shortages and of heavily subsidising dirty energy will see the country fall radically short of its 2025 renewable energy targets. These trends will also continue to drain the country’s financial resources and deplete government budgets.

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